So – we always have a theme for a year… or at least we did last year and this year we are doing it again.

2023 was the Year of the Society of Scandals! We interviewed and talked to romance readers of all walks of life and style. We talked about why we loved romance and why we would specifically reach for those historical romances. 

Which leaves us here in January of 2024 very excited to announce our newest theme that features old school romances. This project will be known as Dowagers After Dark. Which meant that we are starting 2024 and thinking what we should do next. And we decided that we are going to read some romances that people have mentioned on the pod.

Authors We Will Feature!

  • Johanna Lindsey
  • Kathleen E Woodiwiss
  • Jude Devereaux
  • Beverly Jenkins
    • Other Black Romance Authors (found from this 2020 article)
      • Elsie Washington (published one book)  
      • Sandra Kitt (publishing since 1984)
      • Joyce McGill (published from 1984 until 1991) but fit in 9 books in that time  
  • Marsha Canham
  • Judith McNaught
  • Lisa Kleypas