Two perfect strangers…and the enchanted evening they can’t put behind them.

Overworked barrister Gavin Sinclair’s only plans for Christmastide are to withdraw to his sister Cora’s estate and lament that his long-awaited promotion comes at a price he isn’t certain he can pay. But when a snow squall strands him at a country inn alongside a dimpled maiden, his night takes an unexpected turn. Captivated, Gavin tries to forget his obligations for a single evening of holiday cheer. Unfortunately, his responsibilities leave little room for such magic.

Emilia Davis is a governess with no family or home to call her own, and the tenuous nature of her employment has once again pushed her to the margins and out the door. Ever an optimist, Emilia is used to making the best of her disappointments. So when a sweetly reserved stranger leaves her standing in the cold, she determines to forget him and focus on her new position working for the boisterous Travers family. That is, until the bespectacled man of her dreams unexpectedly arrives at her employer’s dinner table.

As Christmas approaches, Gavin and Emilia find themselves spending the season under one chaotic roof. Between decking the halls and staving off the chill, they can no longer deny the ardor growing between them. But when their tender romance is threatened by the most divisive trial of Gavin’s career, the looming pressures of the real world might be more than they can stand. Gavin and Emilia never thought they would find each other once, let alone twice. And if they want to hold fast this time, they’ll need to finally put their hearts before their heads.

Some Winter’s Evening is a sweet and sexy holiday novella that can be enjoyed as a sequel to Forever Your Rogue.