There are authors that you inherently trust. Even in a trope or setting that isn’t your jam – and Adriana Herrera is one of those for me.

Herrera is one of the most talented romance authors that is currently publishing – at least in my humble podcaster and reader opinion. She takes Xennial, Queer, OwnVoices stories to the most elite level. And I can tell you this with this book alone.

I don’t love boss/ employee. Enemies to lovers stresses me out. I don’t understand anything about the corporate world… and honestly don’t plan to learn too much about it anytime soon. So the premise of this book… didn’t hook me. I also hadn’t read book one in Dating In Dallas but I decided to take the plunge.

Chapter one didn’t hook me. But I was intrigued.

I was intrigued by Alba’s absolute drive to be amazing. At everything. All the time. I was hooked when her grandmother commented about finding a nice cowboy – and she retorts with – or a cowgirl. And I was downright enthralled by the time Theo – the Olympic swimmer, billionaire, all around hottie – cooked. In gray sweatpants. Theo, with his arm porn, quiet pining and extreme caretaking tendencies also is a fabulous leading man.

photo from @ladysadiereads on instagram

I learned a lot too! Which is another reason why I love Herrera. She highlights experiences that I can learn from. Like I know what having parents that push you and expect you to be at their beck and call all the time feels like – but in no way have I experienced the weight of parents who immigrated to a new world and had to start from nothing who haver those same expectations. Not to mention wanting to please your parents but also wanting to be your own person.

Also if Alba’s business is real… I would need one of those themed rooms like yesterday.