I am super late to the party – but ASMR is apparently like A Thing™ – it was one of those things that I didn’t know about and was concerned it was too late for me to ask. So of course – I googled – and I went down a giant rabbit hole that is fascinating.

Anyways – this book is brilliant.

I laughed, I swooned, my toes did that clenching thing where you know that kiss just landed for you. UGH, I loved it.

photo from @ladysadiereads on instagram

It is unapologetically Queer on every freaking page. It is full of Millennial and Gen X life angst and nostalgia. And both Ash “I am a dark and tortured artist/ hot mess on the outside” Stewart and Rose “I will organize my way out of emotions/ I am a hot mess on the inside” Josten are realistic (including tits that are less than perky cause you know – age), gorgeous women (in suits) and achingly beautiful in their own life story as well as in their relationship.

And then the entire background is perfect. Pugs, found families, blood families, older siblings raising people, those toxic exes that no one can get rid of and just enough of the real world.