Sometimes you see a book and it looks so good that you immediately need it… only for it to languish on your TBR for years…

I might have done that with this book.

This one knocked by socks off, fogged my glasses and made and curl up with its level of cuteness.

This had everything I love in a romance – flawed and complex characters, dealing with emotional issues and healing. Not to mention some steamy af kisses and some lovely Sapphic sex. Because this book isn’t only the best of romance – but specifically it is everything I love in a Queer romance.

There is no trauma or tragedy that tied to a character’s Queerness. We don’t have coming out stories, we don’t have parental rejection based on gender and sexuality – which are all valid and wonderful and important. But not something I seek out in a romance or specifically an LGBTQIA+ one. This book doesn’t read like this was written as a straight couple and then subbed in another same gender person. Which is a complaint have about a lot of recently published and hyped books.

photo from @ladysadiereads on instagram

Dahlia has a lot of stories of her arrival in NYC, she talks about hook up culture and relationships when people are at different points in their lives. She is so emotionally constipated she literally wonders if she is having heart palpitations and we know how I love that. And then there is Claire. Who is amazing. She is a single parent, a young parent, a out bisexual bookseller, who rocks her curves and wears cute classes. Honestly, I could gush about her for hours. I highly recommend this book and apologize to everyone who told me to read it because it is perfect.