This book was brilliant. Just brilliant.

On page one I was hooked and by the end, I was torn between putting it down and tearing through to the end. I laughed, I swooned, and I cried. And you should too.

I deeply loved the “unlikeable” nature of Alex and her passionate, avenging angel ways! Her fighting everyone all the time was both so frustrating and so real. Alex is tough because she has to be and watching her learn to be vulnerable and showing her soft underbelly was a fabulous story in itself.

Jeremiah Post is a one hundred percent certified cinnadom. (If you loved our episode or the book Widow of Rose House by Diana Biller – then you will love Jeremiah!) He holds firm boundaries with Alex which made me respect, as well as like him. He is well aware of his status as a wealthy, cishet, white man and tries to use that privilege for good. In a surprisingly radical way – by listening. And not only listening for the sake of it but trying to support the stories of those that wouldn’t otherwise be written.

The supporting cast is brilliant – from the matriarch Loretta to the parents and their own sets of issues and deep and enduring love, to the scene-stealing primo Joe and the sisters who I hope to see more of.

One more thing – The history and background of this story are deeply fascinating and never talked about and I honestly went on a deep dive to learn more about the traqueros and their lives in “boxcar barrios.”

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