So this is my first Ruby Barrett and won’t be my last. Honestly – I think this is one of my favorite reads of this year and will still hold that place in December!

It was easily five stars from the very beginning – where there were content warnings and a dedication that was just perfect. Then start in with the deeply beautiful and relatable characters.

But what really made it for me – was how Queer it was. Just… being authentically yourself is being Queer enough and that theme was present on every page. I have highlighted and annotated so much of this book because both Amy (openly Lesbian, restaurant owner, and all-around emotionally constipated leading lady) and Sophie (baby Queer, late in life bi awakening, and all-around feels All the Things and cooks amazing food and also leading lady) are just stunning characters with a beautiful love story that fits they both so well. Their queerness is never the point of contention in their relationship and despite it bordering on a coming-out story (which I don’t normally enjoy), it is just about finding your place and just as importantly your person. Along the way, there is gorgeous caretaking, plant babies, a fat cat, a car hook up, and the realities of running a restaurant.

Rarely do I share a specific quote anymore but honestly could share so many but will end this review with this:

“You don’t need to have known you were queer since you were a kid. You can go your whole life never touching a woman and you’ll still be queer. It’s not about performing your sexuality or your gender for everyone else. Being queer is about what you know to be true about yourself…”

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