Some series just gets better with each book – Shupe’s current series The Fifth Avenue Rebels – is totally doing this!

I love to see a woman say screw this guy and then go and have a wild time – and that is exactly what Katherine does! She takes control of her life and goes out to have fun. Starting with a risque party, and ending with a wild affair.

Unfortunately along the way she also finds her almost fiancé and some pesky feelings…

Preston is also great! So intense – and also needs a hug! His bafflement at his “Wait… am I jealous??” is hilarious and heartwarming. (He is genuinely confounded by this and his emotional constipation is pretty much constant.) He is going through his own grief (which is referencing an event in book two) and processing what success really means for him. He also grovels and cooks and has some great grand gestures that are always a good time.

And it is all amazing to watch.

But what really sold me on this read was their genuine chemistry and friendship. Preston has to learn to listen and Katherine has to learn to defend her worth – and together they have to learn that vulnerability and true intimacy go together.