Be Gay. Do Crime. Eat the Rich.

Cat Sebastian’s books always deliver such amazing priorities as these. From higher angst (such as The Soldier’s Scoundrel) to novella length romps (such as A Little Light Mischeif), Sebastian delivers incredible stories where the Queerness of the characters is interwoven in to the story and never is a side story or plot device.

I was so excited and lucky to get an ARC of The Perfect Crimes of Marian Hayes (out June 7!) but before I jumped in to it I just had to go back and reread this story full of heart and hijinks.

From the start – Percy is everything Kit isn’t – wealthy, privileged, and powerful. So when Percy needs a less than legal favor… he can’t help but turn to the former highwayman.

Hilarity and sobbing ensue.

Between the deeply dark and emotional story of Kit’s young family to Percy’s father’s horrifying landownership and homophobia – there is this pure sweet love blossoming between these two characters.

I also have to shoutout to the audio narration of this book – just absolutely gorgeous to listen to!