In November of 2021 – Adriana Herrera joined the Duchess and me in the Drawing Room – now her first full-length historical romance is about to drop and you should absolutely pick it up for the following five reasons.

  1. There are so many brilliant descriptions of Paris, the Paris Exposition as well as Scotland! I love Scotland and Herrera’s way with words made me feel like I was there!
  2. Both Evan and Luz Alana are stunningly rich characters who jump off the page. You alternately want to shake them, hug them, and possibly pour one of their amazing libations to share.
  3. Do you love Ms. Bev and/ or Sarah MacLean? Then you need to pick up this book. Honestly, it is the level of world-building that MacLean brings to the table along with modern BIPOC feminist issues I live to read in historic romance. But that doesn’t discredit the incredible amount of brutally honest and deeply researched history that is second only to Ms. Beverly Jenkins’ level of authorship.
  4. Found family is not a new trope but for Hererra’s characters, the background of each individual makes them all fit together and create a rich tapestry of perfectly beautiful imperfect people. It also showcases how the past isn’t as White or as Straight as we are at times led to believe…
  5. And last but not least – Herrera’s typical level of steam is well and truly present on the page and through the exploration of intimacy between Evan and Luz Alana. From the moment they collide at the Expo, to the banter in a brothel, and more than one deeply intimate love-making scene.

I cannot wait to read more of the Las Leonas books!