Have you ever put down a book because you don’t want it to end?

This book did that to me – TWICE. Honestly, I was worried after how much I adored It Happened One Summer that Hannah and Fox’s romance couldn’t possibly also be completely brilliant… I was wrong.

Fox is a quintessential modern rake – re: man whore – but he is also deeply sensitive and not actually all that happy about his sex icon status… or actively pursuing it. He is desperately happy to be Hannah’s friend – even maybe her best friend. Hannah couldn’t possibly be more the settle down and commit type if she tried – but she hasn’t quite found someone to settle down with. 

I deeply loved these two – their friendship stood as its own relationship. Fox unpacks years of toxic masculinity and implied intimacy. And it didn’t happen overnight!

The other part that was so gorgeous was that their friendship was so natural and felt so real. While it really started in book one (which is also worth a read!) but progressed so much in the first half of this book, that when they figured out that they were in love it was even more perfect. I wish there had been more of them unpacking the whole fisherman dad thing? But I loved the references to sea shanties (and the theme of music in general) and that Piper and Brendan’s relationship didn’t overshadow theirs. It is Tessa Bailey – so also there is the perfect level of dirty talking steam and a build of sexual intimacy from page one!