I really only started reading contemporary in late 2019 after years of loving historic romance. (I am not sure why that is honestly?) But when I finally started reading contemporary and then joined bookstagram in 2020 – I heard ALLLLLL about Managed all the time. 

So I finally read it! And then read it! And then swooned ad naseum. 

It really is quite a story! 

Gabriel “Scottie” Scott is really a fabulous leading man. He is very much a Stern Brunch Daddy, heck of a grump, and has wicked control issues. He is also very much a nerd (cue all the references to Buffy, and future babies with Star Trek middle names…) and very much just wants everyone around him to Be Ok. And that is hard when managing humans who are your found family who are also international rock stars. I also so loved the conversations around contemporary interclass issues/ accents in the UK. (I do say this as an American who is definitely not totally informed but highly curious.)  

Sophie is the embodiment of human sunshine. I loved her flaws – it is human to make mistakes – and her interesting relationship specifically with Jax. (I don’t want to spoil anything!) And also takes Scottie not even a little seriously and I did enjoy her and her curvy, sassy self! 

What I don’t love – third act break ups and big grovels that seem… contrived. But not going to spoil it too much and this could just be me… being me. 

Anyways – you liked By Possession after picking it up when we talked about it – I really think you would love Managed!